Flower Arrangement Idea

Flavored vinegar, olive oil and white wine bottles yield shapely, sparkly vases with delicate spring color for a mantel or tabletop decoration. Choose a variety of sizes, remove labels, fill with water and tuck in fern fronds, fresh from your spring landscape.
Carryout boxes made of frosted plastic become elegant containers for floral centerpieces. Place spring blooms such as daffodils and tulips inside a short, water-filled glass before setting in the box.
A bouquet of baby artichokes makes a nice alternative to spring flowers such as tulips.
Cut stems short and poke in floral picks or wooden skewers. Fit the pitcher with floral foam to anchor the skewers, then arrange like flowers. To keep your bouquet fresh longer, store in the fridge at night.
Improvise an Easter basket using a sweet straw hat. Fill it with softly colored eggs, either hollowed or artificial. Personalize with rub-on letters or even notes tucked inside, if you’re using hollowed eggs.
To empty an egg, use a long needle to gently prick a small hole into each of the egg’s two ends. Pierce the yolk with the needle and then gently blow into one hole, pushing the contents out the other end.
Repurpose your coffee cups into tiny centerpieces for place settings.
Tuck a small baby’s tears plant into a demitasse and add a copper tag. For lettering, try rub-on decals available in the scrapbooking section of crafts stores.
Make every egg a star by propping each in its own mini terra-cotta pot.
Dress up the planter by hot-gluing ribbon around the top edge. To decorate basic white eggs, add scrapbooking stickers. These cute paper flowers are easy to wrap around curved edges.
Let your spring decorating branch out with a tabletop Easter tree.
Stand branches in a pail filled with play sand, then decorate the boughs with paper birds and dyed eggs. To hang blown-out eggs, glue both ends of a loop of ribbon just inside the egg’s hole, then glue a button on top of the hole to secure the ribbon ends. To make the bird, cut body and wings from pieces of scrapbooking paper and glue together. Try tiny buttons for eyes.
Give elegant china a casual treatment by setting it on woven chargers and topping with a heavy linen napkin tied with twine and a radiant radish.
An inexpensive terra-cotta saucer becomes a serving tray. Next to the tray, fresh garden vegetables fill the lower tiers of a wire basket, and flowers nestled in a bed of lettuce top it off.
To create the fruit and flower arrangement, soak fresh vegetables in cold water, blot dry and arrange just before guests arrive. For the bouquet, bundle flowers and secure with a rubber band. Place in a small jar of water and camouflage the jar with lettuce or cabbage leaves.
A tiny Hungarian porcelain rabbit adds a whimsical touch to elegant place settings. If you’d like, lean a place card against each bunny. A patterned china plate sits on top of white embossed dinner plates and grape-leaf trivets used as chargers. You could make similar decorative chargers by decoupaging artificial grape leaves onto heavy cardboard rounds.
Look to your china collection for captivating vase ideas. Here, lilies of the valley in sweet teacups provide sweet touches. Florist frogs hold stems steady. Use several of these as a centerpiece, or put one at each place setting as an accent.
This table setting draws its colors from pink apple blossoms. A plaid fabric tablecloth sets off flower-accented plates. Green livens things up on a bowl of strawberries and frosted vases holding blossoming crabapple branches. We wrapped our lemonade pitcher with a plaid napkin, and put a pink paper drink umbrella on the place setting for a final touch.
Spring green paired with lilac is nature’s perfect palette. A purple charger sits under a plate featuring a green swirl that reminds us of a curled fern bud. Our simple centerpiece is a silver basket filled with pink paper confetti and softly tinted eggs (see next slide for a closeup). A pitcher of fresh-cut lilacs finishes this setting.
hese muted Easter eggs radiate calm with subtle colors. Tuck them in a basket filled with pink paper confetti.
Place yellow flowers–in this case, double yellow tulips–in a clear vase with festive kumquats and water. They’ll add a touch of spring to your dining table or any corner of your house.
Create a quick-and-easy centerpiece by mounding hard-cooked brown and white eggs on a garden of lettuce in a footed china compote. Vary the look by using colored or even chocolate eggs, or by trying ferns or other greens instead of lettuce.

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